Connected messaging for wildly talented women who are ready to rule their words!


Here's the thing about your messaging…

It’s all crystal clear in your head, you know exactly what you do and how much it helps your clients, but as soon as you start writing your sales page, website or social posts, it all gets shaken up.

Like a snow globe. emoji-icon-glossy-07-16-objects-other-object-snow-globe-72dpi-forPersonalUseOnly

Those amazing superpowers of yours are hidden in a fog, taking you from wildly talented to tearing your hair out in a heartbeat! 

🙁  How is this know your stuff, you’ve been walking your talk for years, so why can't you write it?

🙁  Do you just suck at writing...surely not! You’re a creative soul who loves to write, but just gets stuck when it comes to sounding like yourself.

🙁  Should you get someone else to do it for you...You don't want the hassle (or expense) of having to hire a copywriter for every piece of content.

Let me explain…

Creativity lives in your heart and it communicates through feelings and images, which is why you can see what you want to say perfectly while your in the shower, but try putting that onto paper (or a Goggle doc) and it all gets so...messy!


...Put you fingers to a keyboard and the calm, clear and confident CEO version of you disappears, replaced by a highly-caffeinated hair-tearing-wall-climbing version of you who is ready to throw the Mac out the window! 🤯


Stop right there lovely lady, you do not have to live this way!

✍️ You are an amazing writer.
💝 You have so many gifts to share.
✅ You just need a simple, easy way to get it out of your head and into words without over analysing, overthinking and over caffeinating!

And I'm here to help you do just that. 

Hi I’m Lisa and words are my zone of genius. Come, let me show you how to say goodbye to boring...

The AntiBoring Blueprint for Messaging; connected messaging for wildly talented businesswomen who are ready to rule their words!

In this 90 minute training you’ll create your own blueprint for transformation focusing on your priority offer. I’ll lead you into an intuitive heart space using my 9 step framework for connection; the Kniebe Canvas.

The AntiBoring Blueprint is more than a tool for writing your own copy, it’s a way of thinking and connecting that will help you create content across your business, from emails to sales pages and social posts.

Does this sound familiar... 

  • You struggle to communicate what you do and your point of difference (succinctly) 
  • You worry you’ll sound like an incoherent numpty and OVER-explain so badly your reader switches off 
  • You don’t know where to start (literally) when it comes to writing anything!
  • You stick to generalisations that make your copy sound like everyone else's
  • You’re stuck when it comes to storytelling 
  • You have no words to describe the transformation you deliver - but you know it’s so much more than a photoshoot/website_______ (you fill the blank).

If you're nodding YES, then I hear you! In fact, I've heard exactly these struggles from hundreds of coaching and course creation clients over the last 5 years. 


Just because you're not alone doesn't make things better. But it does mean I have a tried and tested solution to share with you...

AntiBoring Blueprint 

Here's what we’ll cover:

4 steps to create your message blueprint:

1: Getting laser focused on your priority offer

2: Connecting with empathy 

3: Designing your message map

4: Creating your transformational story



Here is what a few of my lovely clients have to say..

Lisa Kniebe

“Lisa took me through her really unique and valuable Kniebe Canvas to help me get clear on my message - and it's changed everything. Her process really got all the jumbled ways I want to help my clients solve their problems and put it into language they understand. It's a really useful, practical and heart-centred approach”

Podcaster, Course Creator + Coach at The Slow Life

Lisa Kniebe

“Thank you Lisa for making my life easy. For digging deep and extracting all the ideas floating around in my head and making sense of them”

EMF Consultant

This is not for everyone…

Your messaging is medicine, it’s your energetic imprint that communicates your gifts with the world. 

Your message is your power, and when you wrap it in safe, stodgy words that don’t sound like you, you give your power away. 

AntiBoring honours the uniqueness of YOU by:

  • Writing with heart and soul
  • Creating connection and empathy
  • Staying true to your voice
  • And avoiding tactics of fear, FOMO or shame
Save Your Spot

Your Investment 

The AntiBoring Blueprint training is $97 and includes video training, activity book and template to use again and again.

YES! Spice up my copy

More kind words...

Lisa Kniebe

“Hugely knowledgeable and absolutely fantastic at gaining clarity quickly to help you focus on what’s important. Lisa is a star”

Mindset Coach

Lisa Kniebe

“Thanks Lisa for making sense of what was in my head and being able to say it in such a way that speaks to my lovely clients”

Naturally Nic


Meet Lisa, podcaster, course creator and coach who believes that YOU are the medicine the world needs.

Lisa is passionate about helping coaches, consultants and authors translate their unique genius into a scalable online course. As a qualified teacher, launch copywriter and course creator, she knows that the more you let your light shine, the more your audience connects with you.

Lisa's superpower brings clarity to your mushrooming ideas so you can turn overwhelm into action.

Beyond business, Lisa loves cooking for friends and sharing a good bottle of wine over a heart-to-heart conversation.